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2012/04/03 00:04:51
I am back in Tianjing shooting both day and night on the movie  "Drug War".   Pe...
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2012/04/02 00:04:38
After I finished the publicity event,  I immediately went back to mainland China to continue sh...
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2012/04/01 00:04:37
Now that it is April,  I will soon be attending many publicity events.   The first is...
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2012/03/31 00:00:38
Black and White Pictures
Looks like you guys really liked the black and white pictures from yesterday's blog.  ...
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2012/03/30 00:15:28
Typhoon Season
Approaching the month of April,  the monsoon season in Hong Kong will officially begin.&nb...
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2012/03/29 00:16:03
The Definition of Happiness
On this warm day,  I attended the  "Bossini Happy 25"  publicity event.&nbs...
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2012/03/28 01:13:34
After Returning Home
Sometimes when I have been working away from home for an extended period of time,  after severa...
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2012/03/27 00:21:17
Activities In April
I temporarily took a break from shooting my movie and returned to Hong Kong to get ready for an even...
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