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A Good Life
Going Back and Forth From Beijing
Color in Our Lives
From Singapore to Shanghai
The Lion City
Too Much and Too Little
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2012/04/30 00:04:27
Hong Kong Jockey Club "Audeman Piguet QEII" Cup
Even though the weather this morning was not very good,  luckily it had greatly impro...
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2012/04/29 01:04:10
Wrapping Ceremony for "Drug War"
I attended the wrapping ceremony/publicity event for the movie  "Drug War",   in...
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2012/04/28 01:40:09
Continuous Rainstorm
Has Hong Kong entered the rainy season already?   It started raining last night and has co...
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2012/04/27 00:04:31
Wrap Ceremony
Tomorrow I will attend a publicity event in Beijing,  that everyone is looking f...
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2012/04/26 00:44:59
Suddenly Cold Then Suddenly Hot
Recently we have been shooting at many different locations.   The one constant thing has b...
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2012/04/26 00:04:31
Wrap Ceremony
Tomorrow I will attend a publicity event in Beijing that everyone is looking forward to.  ...
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2012/04/25 00:34:16
Abusing Animals
I learned from the news that in the U.K. the number of animal abuse cases has increased dramatically...
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2012/04/24 00:54:35
Collecting Time
Recently I did an interview with a newspaper about my collecting wristwatches.   They aske...
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