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2012/07/09 02:18:54
If There Really Were Aliens

Recently a space scientist,  Maggie Aderin-Pocock,  claimed that if there really were aliens,  their appearance would be similar to that of jellyfish.   That in order to survive,   they would have to rely on silicon,  one of the substances that leads to the production of lightning.   Yet,  even though they would look like jellyfish,  they would not live in the ocean,  instead they would float in the air and would have a special power that would allow them to hide themselves.

To me,  it is not  "whether there are aliens",  it is that  "they definitely exist".   What I find interesting is that we are restrained by our cognitive power and the traditional way  of thinking that is instilled in us as we grow up.   I agree that extraterrestrials may not look like humans,  nor must their basic construction of life be related to carbohydrates or the need for water to survive.  The universe is so big,  its mysteries must be beyond the imagination of we humans.

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