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2012/06/13 00:09:52
Tooth Decay

I read a report about the criteria our country has for selecting astronauts.   The standard for male and female astonauts is about the same.   Aside from good physical health,  there are some pretty strict requirements,  some,  small details that do not seem like much on the surface.

For instance,  neither having scars on your body or tooth decay is acceptable.   That is because in space,  the scars can open up again and even if the effected tooth has been repaired,  recurrence can easily occur in the unique enviroment of space.   It is also not allowed if you have certain hereditary diseases,  since the progress of the disease may be effected by being in space.   Even family members of a potential candidate have to undergo a physical exam and interviews are performed to check the health history of the family.   It is really very strict.

I wonder if in the future,  travelers who go on trips in space,  will be allowed to go if they have bad teeth?   And,  can they still go on the trip if they have had the condition fixed?

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