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A Good Life
Going Back and Forth From Beijing
Color in Our Lives
From Singapore to Shanghai
The Lion City
Too Much and Too Little
2012 Aug
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2012/08/06 03:14:04
Wuhan Cuisine
\I arrived at Wuhan to attend a publicity event for Kaisa Group real estate.   It was really bu...
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2012/08/05 00:08:52
Quality Sleep
Arriving in Kunming,  I attended the publicity event for Simmons bed products.  The whole ...
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2012/08/04 01:08:19
The 60th Anniversary of Crocodile
Today I attended a publicity event for the 60th anniversary of Crocodile.   On site was a very ...
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2012/08/03 00:30:27
Physical Training
In preparation for the movie I will be shooting in Thailand,  I have consistently set aside tim...
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2012/08/02 00:08:45
The Big Power Outage
Day before yesterday I heard on the news that many locations in northern India were suffering from a...
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2012/08/01 00:08:23
A Future Filled With Challenges
Yesterday I was talking to you about the Hong Kong committee for UNICEF,  as well as helping ou...
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2012/07/31 01:02:37
UNICEF Charity Run 2012
Today,  as one of the Hong Kong UNICEF ambassadors,  I attended the publicity event for th...
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2012/07/30 00:25:33
It's Too Hot
During the non-stop rain,  I really looked forward to seeing the sun.   The sun finally ca...
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