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2012/07/31 01:02:37
UNICEF Charity Run 2012
Today,  as one of the Hong Kong UNICEF ambassadors,  I attended the publicity event for th...
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2012/07/30 00:25:33
It's Too Hot
During the non-stop rain,  I really looked forward to seeing the sun.   The sun finally ca...
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2012/07/29 00:40:03
The Sun Is Out
This morning when I woke up I saw rays of light shining through the window.   I realized it was...
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2012/07/28 01:59:33
Raining Morning and Night
It has been a few days since the signal 10-level typhoon has come and gone,  but it has left be...
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2012/07/27 00:07:15
Enjoying the Sun
It has been raining for the past few days.   Even though it has been cooler,  I really mis...
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2012/07/26 00:15:50
Talking About the End of the World
Whenever there are frequent natural or man-made disasters,  there will be a lot of discussion a...
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2012/07/25 01:35:43
The Rain Continues
I had a feeling that this storm was pretty unusual,  but it wasn't until I woke up the next...
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2012/07/24 00:24:41
Dark and Gloomy
It has been such a dark and gloomy day.   The weather is so bad it is almost scary.   It g...
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