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2012/07/01 01:07:38
The Final
The European Cup,  the soccer games that have so many staying up all night to watch,  is n...
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2012/06/30 00:37:14
Parachuting For the Celebration
If any of you are in Hong Kong on July 1st,  you will have a chance to watch the paracuting per...
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2012/06/29 01:03:33
Take Care of Your Body
After taking a few days off,  tonight,  the European cup has started playing games again. ...
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2012/06/28 00:50:31
Powerful Spinach
In the childhood cartoon  "Popeye the Sailor",  Popeye would eat spinach wheneve...
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2012/06/27 01:06:33
Leap Second
July 1 is not only the anniversary of the return of Hong Kong back to China,  it is also the da...
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2012/06/26 00:10:07
Nowadays,  there are many types of TV shows around the world.   China,  Hong Kong,&nb...
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2012/06/25 01:52:42
I am not a bona fide soccer fan,  so I haven't stayed up late watching the soccer games lik...
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2012/06/24 00:14:14
A New Style
A few days ago when I attended the  "2012 TVB Most Popular Commercial"  awards c...
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