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2012/05/14 00:00:35
Mother's Day
No matter how busy I am,  I always make arrangements to spend some time with my parents.&n...
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2012/05/13 03:45:54
Very often I will read movie scripts on my tablet computer.   It is after all  m...
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2012/05/12 00:01:50
Movie Exhibition
A friend of mine is planning to go to Paris, France to visit the movie exhibition of director Tim Bu...
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2012/05/11 00:23:21
The Health of Athletes
Earlier,  there was a young soccer player who suffered a heart attack during a game.   For...
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2012/05/10 00:14:27
Earlier,  I went to shoot a commercial in Seoul,  South Korea.   I was talk...
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2012/05/09 00:10:08
I personally really enjoy watching the Olympic games,  so I am really looking forward to this y...
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2012/05/08 00:05:32
Impressions of Sharks
Recently there have been some movies released about sharks.   At the same time t...
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2012/05/07 00:08:06
Reenacting A Classic
This year is the 100th anniversary of the disaster of the Titanic.   Besides the movie bas...
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