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2012/03/19 00:03:30
A Super Day
A movie which got many of it's characters from American superhero comic books,  will soon b...
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2012/03/18 00:11:48
The Most Beautiful In Your Heart
From a report out of the UK,  the little dog named  "Yoda",  who was 2011&#...
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2012/03/17 00:03:54
A Fight For Victory
Today I temporarily put aside my movie shooting duties and traveled from Tianjing to Beijing to...
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2012/03/16 01:03:18
Print and Electronic Versions
Books in print being replaced by electronic versions has been widely talked about,  just like d...
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2012/03/15 00:19:52
Activities In April
For those of you who pay attention to the sharing section of the website,  you already know tha...
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2012/03/14 00:03:25
Action Scenes
I think you guys all know that I am currently shooting the movie  "Drug Wars".&n...
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2012/03/13 00:03:13
Protecting Children
I read about a child abduction incident in Hong Kong,  which reminded me of the same kind ...
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2012/03/12 00:23:36
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
We always say that time passes too quickly.   A lot of things disappear in a matter of sec...
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