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2012/02/25 02:41:51
I saw on the news the possibility of another serious earthquake happening in Japan.   The ...
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2012/02/24 01:53:29
Unpredictable Weather
Including Hong Kong,  many places are being effected by unpredictable weather patterns. &n...
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2012/02/23 00:30:12
Commercials Of The Future
Technology seen in science fiction movies is more and more commonly appearing in the real world...
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2012/02/22 00:06:06
The Feeling Of Hunger
A lot of times when I am completely immersed in my work,  I don't have time to eat and even...
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2012/02/21 00:02:09
The Fun In Learning
I arrived in Shanghai to attend a publicity event,  along with a client that I have continually...
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2012/02/20 00:41:34
Movie Within A Movie
In the movie  "Romancing In Thin Air II",  the wedding of Gao Yuanyuan and mysel...
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2012/02/19 00:10:26
The Small Things In Life
Shooting  "Romancing In Thin Air II"  in Xian Ge Le La was just the greatest gif...
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2012/02/18 00:36:52
Letting Go
Sometimes we keep stressing a point and holding on,  when what we really need to do is try and ...
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