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2012/02/10 00:22:58
Slightly Cold
Has the festival signaling the beginning of spring come and gone already?   Why are so man...
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2012/02/09 00:09:52
Time For Relaxation
I have quite a few friends that like soccer,  such as those working in front of and behind the ...
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2012/02/08 01:04:11
Pure Affection
Today I was in Guangzhou to attend the promotional activity for  "Romancing In Thin Air II...
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2012/02/07 00:01:59
Huge Glutinous Rice Ball
I arrived in Shanghi to continue the promotion of the new movie  "Romancing In Thin Air II...
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2012/02/06 01:02:20
Selfless Love
I arrived in Beijing to promote the movie  "Romancing In Thin Air II".   Fi...
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2012/02/05 01:02:27
Sustenance For Love
Today we continued promoting the movie  "Romancing In Thin Air II".   We talked ...
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2012/02/04 01:02:00
Sharing Love
On Saturday,  February 4th,  there will be another publicity event for the movie  &qu...
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2012/02/03 00:10:15
About Love
Tonight I went to Sky100 to attend the premiere of  "Romancing In Thin Air II". ...
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